JITIN JOSHI - Lemon Butter


Introducing Jitin Joshi, one of the most captivating Michelin star chefs to emerge from the contemporary Indian culinary movement. Chef Jitin brings a remarkable blend of influences from Indian, French and British kitchens.

Renowned for his diverse and illustrious background and expertise he has recently embarked on a new journey with The Lemon Butter Group. Assuming the prestigious role of Director of Culinary where he will lead the growth of The Crossing, Indian Fine Dining internationally.

With meticulous care, Chef Jitin curates a menu that harmonizes the vibrant hues, tantalizing aromas, and distinct tastes of India’s diverse regions, creating an extraordinary culinary experience.

His journey is a testament to his passion, talent, and dedication to pushing culinary boundaries. His unique blend of global influences continues to captivate palates and inspire culinary enthusiasts worldwide.

His previous experience in London, honed his skills as a Sous Chef at the esteemed two-Michelin-starred Capital Hotel and later Head Pastry Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s renowned Maze in London. His culinary journey then led him to the distinguished position of Executive Chef at Benares in Mayfair, where he partnered with Atul Kochhar to guide the team to a well-deserved Michelin star.

He also served as the Executive Chef at the Michelin-starred Gymkhana in Mayfair, elevating the culinary experience to new heights. Additionally, he collaborated with Soho House, spearheading the expansion of their pop-up locations to vibrant cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, and the illustrious Babington House in the UK.