Lemon Butter is a concept incubator, fund management advisory, holding & guidance firm for the Food and Beverage Industry, founded in Dubai, UAE. We partner with businesses at every stage- from concept ideation and design, through project development and execution. We walk the entire journey with you! You can say we offer a full course meal. Our own restaurants are up and running in the UAE. We run our own concepts from cloud kitchens with multiple delivery only formats too. We partner and help scale up innovative and exciting F&B projects, from fine dining to fast food, and from food courts to speciality restaurant.

Think of us as your most memorable meal. We come together in the most delectable way and bring together every complexity of flavor to create the magic. We are always looking to bring a touch of quality and elegance. We bring out the soul in every creation. We’re never boring; there’s something new in every moment. And people don’t mind asking for more.

Put simply - we love Food. Hospitality. Experiences. When we see passion for the industry, we’re happy to join hands, whether it’s with an experienced partner or even young, passionate entrepreneurs looking to raise capital.

We help provide the nuts and bolts that keep the food industry dynamic and scalable both at local and global levels.

So, if you’re planning something around food, looking for guidance, or just need a fresh perspective - Reach out! Who knows where it takes us?

here's what we bring to the table

From the seed of an idea, to the glittering signboards and beyond:
we’re here to help you, at
every step of the journey.

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we’ve been busy, gastronomically

The Crossing

Welcome home to our table! At The Crossing, we bring back the nostalgia of life on the subcontinent, with all its blurred lines and chaos. Our meal experience is immersed in the nostalgia of secret Indian family recipes, showcasing just how diverse we are as a country, and how crisscrossed our culture is! We also give a nod to the rulers and raiders, explorers and natives, that have each played a part in what you see on your plate today.

Enjoy our carefully selected recipes from across India, using ethically-sourced GI-tagged ingredients, right here in downtown Dubai.

Here, at The Crossing, the lines are blurred. As the name suggests, we’ve crossed over borders and witnessed a crossing of cultures, habits and, most importantly, culinary practices. This crossing reflects in our menu, sans boundaries, where sections are fluid enough to not be labelled appetisers, mains and sides, yet stand side by side.


Pali hill *

Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, and modeled on the cultural melting pot of communal living, commonly known as “building societies” in Bombay, is pali hill. Named after an old city neighbourhood, pali hill offers the finest regional Indian small plates, derived from home recipes and traditional techniques, made to share in an informal setting. The restaurant celebrates an eclectic mix of flavours from every corner of the country. A celebration of community and exchange, of eating well and informally, of warmth and sharing.


* Our Partner Restaurant

Bandra Bhai *

Beneath the streets of Fitzrovia, step into a retro Indian smugglers den. Full of spectacular trinkets, foreign liquor, gaudy art, and velvet upholstery, Bandra Bhai is a tribute to underground operations of years gone by and is now your delightfully tacky, dimly lit, groovy basement spot serving the best cocktails in London.


* Our Partner Restaurant

pink Imli

Pink Imli COOKHOUSE connects and binds the food from the Indian subcontinent and brings flavors from the mountains of Afghanistan and Nepal, to the midlands of India and shores of Sri Lanka and Myanmar on your plate with a modern and urban sensibility.

The menu evolves around grilling which is probably the most ancient form of cooking. The grilling at Pink Imli happens over an open charcoal pit fire. The menu offers classic charcoal grilled chicken and vegan dishes which are packed with nostalgic flavors and the region's subcontinental micro-cuisine inspired side dishes.

At Pink Imli, simplicity and time are the most valuable ingredients used. Pink Imli is presently a delivery only kitchen operating in Dubai, UAE and is soon growing to more locations near you.


Streetery Food Hall

Streetery is a home-grown concept which prides itself on delivering the authentic taste of the region’s street food. It is an Asian food hall which celebrates the best of comfort Asian street food with a focus on ethnic ingredients from South East Asia and traditional cooking methods. Streetery boasts a pan-South Asian menu of soulful Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Korean street cuisine.It functions as a platform for micro-cuisine concepts like Zen, Fat Aunt and Hing Kee.


Fat Aunt's

Fat Aunt's celebrates the comfort of street food inspired by the years old recipes of mothers and grandmothers starting from most popular Malay curries, roti, paratha, Hong Kong style cart noodles made with fresh hand pulled noodles, done in house.The concept is developed under Aunty Lee, who has been running a very successful street side eatery in Singapore. Fat Aunt’s menu boasts of an elaborate Cantonese style dim sum offering, soup noodles and Asian fried chicken options. Fat Aunt's celebrates the comfort that is street food from Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.


Hing Kee

Hing Kee serves the best of charcoal grilled, BBQ and roast dishes from busy Hawker centers of buzzing south-east Asian cities. Hing Kee means good fortune in Cantonese and symbolizes growth. From Gai Yang (Thai BBQ chicken) to Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore), from Chicken Satay (Malaysia) to Char Siu Beef (Hong Kong), this concept represent the heart of Southeast Asian favorites. The menu offering embodies the sizzle and warmth from the glowing amber charcoals, the dripping fat on fire and the ever nostalgic aroma of charred grilled protein. Hing Kee makes its own dipping sauces and sambal which is arguably one of the best you will ever taste. Going the extra length, Hing Kee uses traditional methods of cooking to capture the true essence of the dishes we all love from traditional eateries in the Far East.



Established in 2005, Zen serves the best of street style wok dishes from South East Asia. Every preparation is done
in-house from scratch including the various flavorful pastes used for curries and soups. Zen is a concept tested with time for consistent delivery of comfort Asian wok dishes ranging from stir fries, noodles, rices and traditional curries. The noodles and Thai vegetables are flown in from Thailand twice a week to achieve the freshness. Our team of chefs have been trained by Thai home cooks and have been bringing the recipes to life in our restaurants for over 15 years now.



As Lemon Butter wears many hats, so do the founders. They bring diverse skills and experiences from various backgrounds together.

With professional insights, a strong network, management expertise and access to vast resources, the team at Lemon Butter is all set to help accelerate your business.


With a degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management, Ankur has 16+ years of experience in high-impact leadership roles in the F&B Industry, both as a Chef and as a business leader. He was GM of Tablez food company, UAE, a subsidiary of the retail conglomerate LuLu Group. He was instrumental in driving profitability through sustainable dining concepts, and from 2015 the portfolio grew from 3 brands, 90 team strength to almost 35 restaurants across 8 brands with nearly 800 team strength by 2020. The Tablez portfolio, consisting of home-grown concepts, were ideated and executed, along with identifying new franchise concepts and bringing them to the region with successful negotiations and agreements with multiple brands. Ankur also designed and setup a 20,000 square foot HACCP-certified central food processing kitchen for Tablez to optimize cost efficiencies and give structural support. He began a new world of delivery-only cloud kitchen concepts.

A highlight in Ankur’s career was leading a large F&B setup for an indoor theme park in Dubai as the Head of Culinary, where fresh concepts were created to work with IPs like Marvel Studios, Cartoon Network and Lost World. This project had a F&B footprint of over 28 concepts spread across 1.5 million square feet and a processing kitchen of almost 40,000 square feet.

Ankur has worked under Chef Atul Kochhar from the UK, who has One Michelin star and has conceptualized ZAFRAN, for Foodmark( A unit of Landmark group International) in 2010, and delivered multiple restaurants under this brand as its Concept Chef and Business Manager.

As a young Executive Chef, he has also successfully set up and managed Indigo, an Indian restaurant at Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi in 2006.

Spearheading high-volume and high-quality culinary operations has provided him with a rich working experience across the F&B in Hotels, institutional catering and multi-unit restaurant operations.


Jarret has 16+ years of experience in working on business development, project management and marketing, in the B2B and B2C sectors.

He takes care of the industrial commodities trading investments of Sambal Ventures Trading LLC. He served as the Director of Marry Me Group (Mumbai, India) for a decade. Under his leadership, the Group diversified into 3 new verticals, with him being hands-on with strategies, hiring, and training employees specific to each vertical.

He has also served as the Manager of Synergy Relationship Management Services in India. His role included staff training in soft skills and effective communication. He has serviced top-tier companies like Ebay, Polaris, HSBC, ICICI Lombard, Pepsico International and many more.


Abhishek is a man of many interests and noteworthy abilities. In a career spanning 18+ years, He has worked with some of the biggest companies in the Finance sector. As a banker, he has worked with Citi Bank, ABN Amro and Deutsche Bank. He was also a part of a core group that sought to set up India’s first Special Economic Zone - Positra (Pipavav).

Abhishek is passionate about building businesses. He is a partner in an industrial commodity trading firm – Sambal Ventures. An expression of his varied interests is the co-ownership of Carden Academy, a K-8 school in Silicon Valley, rated amongst the Top 5 schools in the Valley.

Abhishek runs mandates from large family offices out of Asia to help them develop their businesses.

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